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Affiliate Marketing covers all potential alliances with other companies on the internet to help develop your business.

Small companies are unlikely to be able to dominate the web marketplace - even in specialist niche markets.  Working with others gives you opportunities similar to those traditional retailers enjoy by opening a chain of stores - but much more cheaply. 

If you can find partners with complementary products, it make sense for both parties to cooperate and sell more as a result.  Where the traditional sales channel was from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer, on the net the manufacturer might do all the selling to the end-user and the retail partner might simply provide a link to the manufacturers site and collect a commission on any resulting sales.

Some of the biggest websites in terms of traffic do not want to provide specialist services even though they know they have customers interested in them. Their easiest solution is to pass that traffic to a site where the customer will find what they want and collect the money justified by their strength in attracting the visitor in the first instance.

There are 3 crucial elements for success:

  1. Choose the right partners. The customer must value the links you offer. The partner must have a strength that complements yours.
  2. Measure the flow of visitors and sales so that each part of the sales chain gets suitably paid for performance.
  3. You must be prepared to promote your partner sites.

This last factor is too often forgotten in the hype about affiliate links.  You need to decide where you are prepared to spend the effort.  As a personal example I can show you the extremes.  Look at my Web Design Tools page and you will see a link to Amazon for FrontPage software.  I have never earned money from this; but also never promoted it because the value is low and the competition from millions of other Amazon affiliates is high.

Now look at the effort I have put into the new Online Backup website.  Here I have created a whole site for a specific partner where I shall do the marketing and he will provide the service.



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