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Online Marketing to new target groups

The earlier stages have been about marketing your website to prospects who have already shown an interest in your product or service through their own search activities.  These should be your best and most immediate prospects.  There is of course a much wider market of people who may have similar interests but who have not yet started a search - perhaps because they are unaware of your particular solution or because they have been occupied with other priorities.

To expand your reach you need to make maximum use of the established networks of others:

  • Online PR

    Public relations is now as important online as offline.  If you already have an offline strategy, you should ensure that all such work is also available online by proper use of keywords and submission to online PR portals.


  • Online Advertising

    There are many high traffic sites delighted to generate income from advertising.  You must find those with the right traffic profile and agree a suitable price.  After a short trial period you will know precisely how may referrals each advert provides and therefore the value to you.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Amazon made a particular success of this strategy.  You often come across sites selling books etc on their behalf.  For most small companies however it may de difficult to find affiliates with sufficient power and motivation.  However, traditional offline strategy has often been to work through distributors and the internet provides new opportunities for links and providing content and support.

  • Viral Marketing

    Viral marketing - the spreading of a message through a growing network of individual contacts - has been incredibly effective in the right context, mainly among young people.  Success depends on the originality of the idea and the availability of suitable interest groups.


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