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David Mill of MediaCo was shocked that my survey this year left his company missing from the top rankings after such a glowing performance in previous years.

He suggested that my choice of just a single phrase could lead to misleading results - a point he set out to prove by doing his own extended survey of Page 1 positions achieved in Google UK by the same companies as I had cited, plus his own.

He chose to search on the following phrases. The figures on the right are the number of searches on each one shown by UK Overture in the last month.

Key Phrase

Searches in

UK Overture Dec 2003

search engine promotion 232025
search engine optimisation 13153
search engine submission 5555
search engine optimization 3296
online marketing 3054
search engine marketing 2901
search engine registration 903
search engine submission uk 1359
search engine marketing uk 511
search engine optimization uk 368
search engine promotion uk 168
online marketing uk 56
search engine registration uk 28
search engine optimisation uk Not shown

The number of first page positions achieved by each 'contestant' were then counted. The results are shown below:

SEO Supplier

Total First Page Positions

http://www.media.co.uk/ 14
http://www.oyster-web.co.uk/ 9
http://www.submitexpress.co.uk/ 8
http://www.optimizer.co.uk/ 6
http://www.makemetop.co.uk/ 6
http://www.searchenginespy.co.uk/ 5
http://www.searchengineserious.co.uk/ 5
http://www.bigmouthmedia.com/ 5
http://www.search-engine-uk-optimisation.co.uk/ 4
http://www.searchquest.co.uk/ 2
http://www.greenlight.co.uk/ 1


  1. Some key phrases are much more important than others
  2. Simplistic measures need to be treated with caution
  3. Yes! MediaCo are certainly one of the top companies.


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