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Critical factors for the Web Design Brief

  • Immediacy of understanding content

    Most visitors will spend only a few seconds on each page. Only a minority will look in detail - they include your best prospects and your competitors.  So page design needs to more like a poster than a brochure.


  • The navigation structure

    Visitors need to be able to find quickly all the information they want - otherwise they will look for your competition.


  • Time to access each page

    Don't make a visitor wait. 

  • Impact of brand image, credibility of supplier

    The site must look professional and give confidence to the potential customer.  Remember most visitors are not interested in the supplier until they have already half made a selection.


  • Optimisation for search engines

    Any page not optimised for search engines is an opportunity wasted to attract new customers.


  • Use of any programming technology beyond standard HTML

    Sites with a lot of content that needs regular updating will normally need to be connected to a database and use 'dynamic' pages. Your web designer must ensure such pages are visible to search engines.  Other technologies, like javascript, may look nice but be inaccessible to search engines.


  • Ease of updating

    The more often your site is refreshed with new content, the more interesting it is for repeat visitors and search engines. Plan in advance how you are going to update most easily at least cost.




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