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Key elements of a good Web Marketing Plan:

  • Focus on a specific customer need

  • Interaction with the visitor

  • Use of the right keywords in the right places

  • Measurable objectives

  • Include ongoing promotional and updating requirements


The web is a 2-way process of communication.  That distinguishes it from the traditional offline brochure.  Effective websites are designed to stimulate interaction both online and offline.  The internet takes the potential of traditional direct marketing one stage further.  Visitors, your future customers, have greater control over the messages they receive than with recipients of your offline promotion item.

In short, if you want a successful website, you must start from an understanding of the power and specific features of the web and then refine your business objectives accordingly.  I now spend more of my time with my clients in refining the plan than in its execution - and its effect on results is greater.

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“As the stats show, you have helped me move forward the online marketing of www.rxp.co.uk over the past 3 months, so thanks for your input.”

Paul Weald   

                          March 2006












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