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Monitor your web traffic to measure and refine your marketing.


Real-Time Web Site Statistics

  • Get 100's of statistics in real-time. 
  • How many page views and unique visitors your web site is receiving by hour, day, week, month and year.
  • Where your traffic is coming from: search engine placements, key words from search engine optimisation, links from other sites, or other sources.
  • What pages are frequented the most.


Search Engine Marketing Reporting

  • Track which search engines and key words drive the most traffic. With Web 4 Marketing / Hitslink you can easily generate search engine marketing reports.
  • See keyword analysis to use for search engine optimisation and search engine placement analysis.


Historical Reporting

  • Website statistics about who is visiting your web site, including the browsers they use, which operating systems they run, what countries they are in and what languages they speak.
  • What time of day people traffic your web site and when bottlenecks occur.



  • See how visitors navigate within your web site.
  • See how many orders were placed by marketing campaign, search engine placement or other search engine marketing techniques.
  • Graphical analysis of traffic trends.
  • AND MUCH MORE!  > View sample web statistics.


Other Features

  • Microsoft Excel (tm) spreadsheet e-mailed on-demand, with your web site data and pre-programmed charts and graphs.
  • Search engine marketing campaign tracking
  • Order analysis
  • Web site statistics for user definable events

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